Origami finger-puppets

Making origami finger puppets helps students follow simple instructions, learn by doing, learn about fractions and keep focused in class.It's a good TPR lesson, it can be used for maths…

3D Animal Ideas for Classroom Use

Google's given us lots of this great way of bringing animals to life with their 3D animals. You can film & save the video, so it lends itself to many…

How to Make a Very Simple Puppet Dog

Teachers often say that it’s really difficult to make puppets with their younger learners.  So here's how to make a very simple dog puppet from one piece of paper! 
multiplication + fingers

Multiply Numbers Using Your Fingers

Students often have a hard time learning their times tables, so here's a neat way to multiply numbers using your fingers (for times-tables from 6 to 9).
Devised Theatre workshop

Devised Theatre for the EFL Classroom

Devised theatre is a collaborative creation involving the whole class. Here are some ideas on how to set up a non-scripted play or performance for EFL/ESL students.

Using Puppet Books with Young Learners

One aspect of puppetry we really enjoy is using hand-puppet books with very young learners. The key thing about using these books is to treat the puppet as if it's…
monkey puzzle in india

Storytelling in the EFL/ESL Classroom

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind while storytelling in the EFL classroom – my students love stories (well, most of them anyway).

Please, Mr Crocodile: Adapting Games

'Please, Mr Crocodile' as a warmer, focus-changer or for revising vocabulary. We look at adapting playground games for young EFL learners.