Puppet Video Lessons

This series of videos will fit in well with the requirements of public exams for younger learners. The language points covered will be at levels pre-A1, A1 and A2.

Using Shadow-Puppets in Class

Being able to make and use shadow puppets really adds something to your teaching toolbox. In this post we go from making a simple shadow-puppet theatre to putting on a…

Monkey Puzzle Lesson plan

Here's our ‘Monkey Puzzle’ lesson plan, based on the book by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, published by Macmillan Children's Books 2000. 

Lesson plans for Japan-themed projects

Primary students find Japan a fascinating country.  As it has such a rich history, especially art, there are so many different projects that you can do with primary school students.

Using Puppets to teach about Africa

There are so many ways of using puppets to teach about Africa and inspire interest in younger learners. And lots of other ways too, such as making masks & drums.

Animal-Themed Lesson Ideas

There are thousands of really cool and engaging animal-themed lesson ideas that you can use your puppets for.  Kids of all ages go crazy for animals!

Using Toys as a Speaking Stimulus in ELT

Using toys as a speaking stimulus works really well with early-years students. They love being involved with class preparation, especially if that involves their favourite toys!
EFL Terms

EFL Definitions of Terms: A Glossary

EFL and CLIL are full of acronyms and abbreviations!  So I’m going to reread my posts, highlight any I haven't fully explained, and link them to this glossary page here!