Shows on offer at the moment

All of our shows for children are highly interactive, with audience participation throughout.

As you’ll see, there’s a brief synopsis of each story and a recommendation of which age-groups they’re initially intended for. 
However, please bear in mind that we can adapt most of them to suit differing ages and levels of English.  We grade both the language we use in the performances and the level of participation we expect.
We’re also working on adapting some of our shows to an online format (although we hope to get back to face-to-face performances as soon as possible).  Look for the shows marked as suitable.
Prices depend on various factors, such as how many shows you book, whether they’re on the same day, and how far we have to travel.  There’s a sliding scale; we offer discounts for more than one show.
So please contact us for more information.

The Gingerbread Man

This highly interactive show is a fun variation on the traditional story.  It can be performed in English, Spanish or ‘Spanglish’, depending on the audience’s age and level of English.  

Age: 3 – 8
Duration: 40 – 45 mins
Level: A1 +
Linguistic content: Numbers, colours, parts of the body, animals, greetings, simple instructions, kitchen objects and food.

Extras:  The price includes a pdf file containing a list of the lexical items, a synopsis of the story, and ideas for activities that teachers can use with their classes both before and after the show.

Requirements:  A desk/table large enough for a suitcase to be placed on. 

Notes: Since all the characters and scenery come out of a suitcase, we suggest a maximum audience of 60.  This show works very well on a class to class basis, as the input can be adapted per age-group and English level.

Suitable for online performance too.

Shakespeare: The Missing Years!

From 1586 to 1592, nobody really knows where Shakespeare was or what he was doing.  This mystery has baffled academics for years, but now Bat-i-Burrillo reveal all!  Find out how Shakespeare got his inspiration from being shipwrecked, fighting dragons and meeting Miguel de Cervantes!

Age: 6 +
40 – 50 mins
A2 +
Linguistic content:
Past simple, ‘going to’ future, adjectives to describe people, places & events

Requirements:  Minimum space of 10 m².  If outside or in theatre or large auditorium, a sound system.  We can provide one, so would just need access to power sockets & extension leads.

Manu, the Mind-Reading Monkey

Prepare to be amazed by Manu, a telepathic monkey from deepest, darkest Peru!

Age: 6 +
Duration: 20 – 25 mins
Level: A2 +
Linguistic content: Numbers, parts of the body, simple instructions, daily activities, letters of the alphabet.

Requirements:  None.

Notes:  This show is ideal for young learners.  However, it can easily be linguistically upgraded for an older audience, and has been very popular in secondary schools too.

Mindreading show for teenagers in a secondary school

The Case of the Missing Cake

Today’s Dudley’s birthday – but where’s his cake?!  With the help of the children, Dudley turns detective to find out who’s stolen his cake.  Audience participation is vital in this fun show that combines puppetry and clowning.


Age: 5 – 10
45 mins
A2 +
Linguistic content:
Numbers, colours, clothes, parts of the body, animals, greetings & leave-taking, birthday and games vocabulary.


Requirements:  A stage or area large enough to set up a puppet-booth, and for us to be able to move among the audience.

El Inocente Imprudente

A cautionary tale about the dangers of smoking and what happens when our hero meets the scary Bruja Nicotina and her retinue.  Fortunately, the Caballero Buenaire comes to save the day!

Age:  5 – 10
30 – 40 mins

Notes: El Inocente Imprudente is based on a poem by Luis Lara, a doctor.  The show was originally written and performed in Spanish as part of the Heart Foundation’s educational campaign in schools.  It can, of course, be performed in English too.  This show lends itself more to performance in the children’s native language or in ‘Spanglish’.

Requirements:  A stage or area large enough to set up a puppet-booth.

Suitable for online performance too.

Theatre of the Mind: The Senses

A blend of interactive storytelling and mentalist ‘magic’, this cross-curricular show is similar to an interactive listening exercise with intriguing visual clues. (It forms part of a series, but can also stand alone.)

Age: 8 +
60 – 90 mins
A2/B1 +
Linguistic content: V
ocabulary relative to the senses (see/sight, hear/hearing, etc), modal verbs can and will.

Extras:  The price includes a pdf file containing a list of the vocabulary that will be used in the show. Teachers can use this either as preparation before the show, or for consolidation afterwards.

Requirements: A whiteboard/blackboard.


Storytelling with a difference, the Japanese way.  Instead of using a book, the story is illustrated with a series of picture boards revealed within a little wooden Kamishibai theatre.

Kamishibai is a form of Japanese street theatre and storytelling that was popular during the Depression of the 1930s and the post-war period in Japan.  

It’s a great way to tell an interactive story, and it’s since become a very effective classroom resource too.

The stories are told and acted out, and involve the audience from start to finish. 

Suitable for online performance too.


We offer a wide range of storytelling sessions for children of all age-groups and language levels, in English, Spanish & ‘Spanglish’.

But it’s not only for children – we have stories for all ages, from toddlers to the over-seventies.  We’ve been to nursery schools, infants, primary, secondary, universities and also to the Aula de la Experiencia for third-age students, where our oldest participant was 92!

And it’s not only for schools – any workplace can benefit from sitting back, listening to and joining in with a storytelling session (see Shows for Teenagers & Adults).

Suitable for online performance too.


Santa and his little helpers visit your classroom via Skype/Zoom!  Every student gets to talk to Santa in the North Pole via the webcam. (Only available in December!)


Age: 4 +
10 mins per group
A1 +
Linguistic content:
numbers, colours, clothes, parts of the body, animals, greetings & leave-taking, basic instructions, Christmas carols and/or songs in English.

Extras:  The price includes a pdf file with lots of ideas and activities to help you get the most out of Santa’s visit, both before and after the show.

Requirements:  Webcam, smartboard or projection screen.

Theatre Workshop

Improvisation, character creation, working with masks are just some of the theatrical aspects we cover in this workshop.  But the emphasis is also on teambuilding, with lots of warmers, ice-breakers and cooperative activities based on those that actors do pre-show.

Age: 6 +
45 – 50 mins
A2 +
Linguistic content:
This will depend on students’ levels.

Notes:  Apart from a brief introduction in Spanish to explain the rationale behind the workshop, English is the language used.  Even with low-level students, this works, as there’s such a strong physical element to all the activities.

Requirements: None.